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Leap Mirror

Koibito, Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa, Green-House, Corbo
Saturday, February 29, at 8pm

Corey Fogel + Judith Berkson, Raven Chacon + Micaela Tobin

Judith Berkson, Raven Chacon, Corey Fogel, Micaela Tobin
Sunday, February 23rd at 8pm


Tobin / Shuman / Escobar with Misadella
Friday, February 14, at 10:30pm

Katie Porter Presents Michael Pisaro’s Within 6 (w/ Silences, Film)

Katie Porter Plays Michael Pisaro
Wednesday, February 12th at 8pm

Derek Muro, Sublamp, and Verdume x Cody Brant

Derek Muro, Sublamp, and Verdume x Cody Brant
Sunday, January 26th at 8pm

Great Big Skies Release

Humors / Antonin Fajt / Nadoyel
Saturday, January 11, 8pm

Vinny Golia / Casey Anderson + Josh Gerowitz + Louis Lopez

Golia / Anderson + Gerowitz + Lopez
Monday, Dec 9th at 8pm

Swap Meet

Karaoke & Conviviality
Saturday, November 23, at 9pm


Shiroishi / Tiesenga / Wingfield / Kenefick / Demastes / Sturm / Anderson
Friday, September 20th, at 8pm

Screw the System

Smutty/Brain-Pervy Lecture and Screening
July 7 at 8pm

Swap Meet

Karaoke & Conviviality
Saturday, June 15, at 9pm

Ambient Eroticism, Steamy Visuals

The Hanne K ‘Tarchtet, E.L. James Brown, and Trevor Blake
Friday, May 17th at 9pm

Sonic Circus

Experiments for Bodies and Voices
SUNDAY May 12 at 8pm

Chill Chill Chill (a concert)

Alexander Bruck, Wilfrido Terrazas, Carmina Escobar
SUNDAY May 5 at 7:30pm

Errata Salon

Colin Dickey, Elizabeth Harper, Jason Brown

THURSDAY, April 18th at 8pm

Emergency Concert 2

ECONO JAM: Last-Minute Audiovisual Situation
SATURDAY March 2 at 8:30pm

Divine Darkness

Improvised Sounds: Athey / Escobar / Rivas
FRIDAY Jan 18 at 8pm

Swap Meet

New Year’s Day Karaoke & Conviviality
Tuesday, January 1, at 9pm

Experimental Relaxation

Rootless / Electric Sound Bath / Pauline Lay
Sunday, December 2, at 8pm

Paranoid Machines 5

This Incident: BAT COUNTRY  
THURSDAY Nov 29 at 8pm


FileraFilera: Perez / Terrazas / Escobar
Saturday, November 17, at 8pm


viscera: Der Bauch and Carmina EscobarDer Bauch and Carmina Escobar
SUNDAY November 11 at 8pm

Swap Meet

Karaoke & Conviviality
Saturday, November 3, at 9pm

Emergency Concert!

No Time to Explain—Just Get in the Concert!
FRIDAY! October 12, at 8:30pm

Paranoid Machines 4

THURSDAY Oct 4 at 8pm

Carmina Escobar + Kozue Matsumoto

Saturday, September 8, at 8pm

Paranoid Machines 3

This Incident: FALLEN OBJECTS  
THURSDAY July 19 at 8pm

Paranoid Machines 2

This Incident: OLDE TIMEY UFOs 
Thursday, July 5 at 8pm

Los Angeles Photography Congress

Janna Ireland & Valerie J. Bower
Thursday, June 14, at 8pm

One Of Us

Music by Betalevel
Sunday, June 3 at 8pm

Spatial Awareness Network

Open Planning Meeting
Sunday, May 27, 6pm

221: Disturbingly Lively

Inobe+Dirtbag / Scallion / Ma+Matsumoto+Escobar
Saturday, May 19 at 8pm

American Hardcore

A-W / Blake / Braun & Gendel / Shiroshi
Friday, May 18 at 8:30

Paranoid Machines

Sound and Lecture
Thursday May 17 at 8pm

Atmospheres of Tranquility

Brin / Ki Oni / Electric Sound Bath
Sunday, May 13, at 8pm


horse's jaw - Juanjosé Rivas
Juanjosé Rivas and other sounds
Friday April 20, 8:30pm

Zazz Album Release

Zazz BannerZazz – Lay/Kim – Smokey Emery – Small Drone Orchestra
Sunday, April 1, 8pm

Blonda, Casey Anderson

Blonda, Casey Anderson
TUESDAY Mar 27, 8pm

Shamrock Swap

Swap Meet: Karaoke & Conviviality
Saturday, March 17, at 9pm

Teasips, Icy, & Islands, w/ Live Video Synthesis

One Of UsTeasips, Icy, & Islands, w/ Live Video Synthesis
THURSDAY Mar 15, 8pm

One Of Us

One Of UsWelcome Show: Anderson/Brown/Deyoe/Escobar/Ravva
SUNDAY Feb 25, 7pm

213: Jenkins/Stephenson, Tobin, Byrnes/Hutson/Stephenson

213213: An Improvised Music Series at Betalevel
Thursday, February 15th, 8PM

Voice/Words/Sound: David Katz, Pauline Gloss, and Nikki Darling

speech to ear3 performances for voice with/without text and/or sound
Wednesday, January 17th, 8PM

Wood&Metal / Nephila / Nicholas Deyoe

Wood&Metal / Nephila / Nicholas Deyoe
Sunday, January 7, 8PM

a wave press record release

a wave press: third and fourth releasesWilliam Hutson, Carmina Escobar + Micaela Tobin and TBA
Friday, December 8, 8pm

New and Recent Music by Michael Winter

ALT_TEXT_DESCRIPTIONNew and Recent Music by Michael Winter
Wednesday, November 15th, 8PM


Wednesday, Nov. 8th, 8pm

Uncanny Tales with Hanne Hinweis

Uncanny TalesWeird & unsettling fiction (and film)
Tuesday, October 31, at 8pm

Uncanny Tales with Hanne Hinweis

Uncanny TalesWeird & unsettling fiction (and film)
Tuesday, October 24, at 8pm

Body Copies, Release!

Gel Set bannerGel Set / Ana Roxanne / Night Terror / tell me about yr research
Saturday, October 21, at 8pm

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