New and Recent Music by Michael Winter

New and recent music by Michael Winter

Recent Work by Michael Winter
Wednesday, November 15th


  • ostinato and interrupt (guitar and computer)
  • Lamentations I: Remembering Clive Wearing (an opera)

ostinato and interrupt consists of a relatively slow, floating ostinato occasionally interrupted by a strictly metered, more rapid sequence of sounds derived from and accompanying open and muted strings as well as natural harmonics played on the guitar.

Acclaimed Musicologist Clive Wearing suffers from one of the worst known cases of amnesia after contracting herpes encephalitis. Wearing’s caretakers encouraged him to keep a journal. Lamentations I: Remembering Clive Wearing is an opera that sets entries from Clive Wearing’s journal. At intervals prescribed by the journal itself, entries are read and accompanied by a visual and sonic flickering / flourish of activity. The piece intends to reverently reflect the importance of memory on our lives and personal identity.