Voice/Words/Sound: David Katz, Pauline Gloss, and Nikki Darling

3 performances for voice with/without words and/or sound

David Katz, Pauline Gloss, and Nikki Darling
Wednesday, January 17th

New and recent work by Los Angeles’ Nikki Darling and Pauline Gloss as well as a special solo improvisation for voice by San Francisco’s David Katz.

Described by Ha’aretz as “an uber-performer,” singer, improviser, mover and composer David Katz has been playing under the foreignfire epiteth since 2009. David grew up in Tel-Aviv, where he fronted legendary underground band The Fluorescents, and studied composition with Arie Shapira. Based in San Francisco since 2000, David earned his graduate degrees in composition and in improvistation from Mills College, where he studied with Zeena Parkins, Roscoe Mitchell, Maggi Payne and Fred Frith. His regular performances in the Bay Area, Israel and Europe range from solo and ensemble free improvisation to idioms as varied as German Lieder, Jewish liturgy, and American pop. Recent appearances include Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia (2017 Venice Binneale), Brett Carson’s Mysterious Descent (Center for New Music, SF), and Naomi Rincon Gallardo’s Formaldehyde Trip (SFMOMA, The Broad, LA).

Pauline Gloss curates Spoken Records, a label specializing in the release of work in the Text-Sound tradition. She has been written about favorably in art and music publications and has performed or had work shown in instututions and in publications including MoCA Geffen, Cal Arts, Poetic Research Bureau, Yes Femmes, and Molasses Books.

Nikki Darling is a writer, artist and performer. Her chapbook Pink Trumpet and the Purple Prose was published on Econo Textual Objects in 2014. Her upcoming novel Fade Into You will be published on Feminist Press Fall 2018, her first book of essays and art, Funeral Carwash will be published on Hesse Press also Fall 2018. Her works and letters are archived in the UCLA Chicano Research Studies Center. She has three cats, Fats Domino, King Tut and Marlowe Cat, Darling, and one dog, Raspberry Beret Darling. Her favorite food is french fries and her favorite book is Jesus Son. She loves Pink Floyd, Prince and Donna Summer.