One Of Us

Music by Betalevel

Escobar / Ravva / Anderson / Brown / Deyoe
SUNDAY, June 3 at 8pm

Evolving collaborative configurations of all of Betalevel’s current citizens.

EPISODE 2: Laboratory/Sandbox Situation

“Presumably there will be other configurations.”
– Sean + Carmina

“I don’t have enough head space for anything more.”
– Amar + Sean

“Drones always good. Also consider loopy business.”
– Casey + Jason

We’re probably going to have some kind of special drink for this, cause it seems like that’s something we could all use right about now. Also tea. Bottled tea, yes, but tea nonetheless.

Please arrive promptly for aperitifs. The evening should be rather brisk. We are sandboxing here. Not gunna linger. Got things to do!