Spatial Awareness Network

Standing on the city

Open Planning Meeting

Sunday, May 27

The Spatial Awareness Network (SpAN) is a new organization dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary creative work focused on space and place in Greater Los Angeles.

Projects across diverse fields — from art and architecture, to history and journalism, to tourism and recreation — encourage people to explore and understand their surroundings. SpAN’s mission is to connect project creators with information, opportunities, and each other, as well as connect the public with their work — and, through it, the city.

Are you an archivist, artist, cartographer, designer, photographer, podcaster, programmer, researcher, tour guide, videographer, writer, or otherwise creative person interested in Greater Los Angeles? Then you should help launch the network! Throughout the summer the organization is developing its strategic plan. This is the first of four meetings that will help shape that plan. The open meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more, give feedback, and get involved.

For more information, and a full list of pre-launch events, visit the SpAN website at