221: Disturbingly Lively

Voice, Electronics, Other

Inobe+Dirtbag / Scallion / Ma+Matsumoto+Escobar
Saturday, May 19
doors at 8pm, music at 8:30

Inobe (Voice, Glove Controller) + Dolly Dirtbag Olivia Hauser (Electronics, Glove Controller)

Genre bender R&B and Southern Soul vocalist Inobe joins forces with Music Technology Extraordinaire Olivia Houser for the piece INFINITY GLOVE.

Chloe Scallion (Voice/electronics)

Transfuturist disseminator Miss Scallion will present a set for electronics and voice.

Jie Ma (Pipa) + Kozue Matsumoto (Koto/Electronics) + Carmina Escobar (Voice/Electronics)

Duo MA (Ma, Matsumoto) collaborate on an improvised trio with Escobar. Fluctuating between the primordial and the current, the aim is to explore the sonic connections of the multiple syncretic sound.