Zazz Album Release

Zazz Album Crop

Zazz — Lay/Kim — Smokey Emery — Small Drone Orchestra
Sunday, April 1
Door at 8pm

Organized by Contact Wave; with visuals by Annapurna Kumar


Zazz is the long distance collaborative project of Ang Wilson and Braeyden Jae. Out of mutual admiration for each other’s musicality and expression, the project came to life when the two decided to develop a creative dialogue through sound, sending files back and forth with no pre-determined aesthetic or agenda. That space of not knowing and openness nurtures the trust and respect that guides the project. It allows for an honesty and presence that can be difficult to tap into when the course has already been charted.


An experimental duo featuring violinists Pauline Lay (Heavy Mess, Pehrspace) and Kathleen Kim (LA Fog, SheKhan).

Smokey Emery

Since the age of 17, Houston-born Daniel Hipólito has been capturing, fragmenting, and reconfiguring his life experiences as Smokey Emery. Hipólito has become a well-established fixture amongst many experimental and electro-acoustic music circles by releasing a myriad of dense ambient works comprised of dismantled field recordings, reinvented through tape manipulation. Though moving transiently between cities for much of his adult-life, Hipólito perpetually equips himself with a recording device to connect his geographically disparate chapters of life into meaningful vignettes of self-reflective audio-journalism. Through this medium, Smokey Emery depicts a catalog of human conditions from multiple viewpoints and chronologies, allowing each composition to coalesce into a greater framework of substantive contextual meaning and expression.

Small Drone Orchestra

Small Drone Orchestra is the solo project of sound artist Don Lewis. He uses bowed bass guitar and analog synth tuned to a single fundamental pitch to create panoramas of shifting overtones that allow the listener to take extended mental excursions. Collaborative partners have included Leticia Castaneda, Albert Ortega and Joe Potts. Don sees his practice as aligned with the seminal noise collective the Los Angeles Free Music Society, and the 60s New York trance group Dream Syndicate founded by LaMonte Young, Tony Conrad, and John Cale.