Paranoid Machines 3

Memory Technology has Always been Paranoid

This Incident: FALLEN OBJECTS (Space Paranoids part 2)
Thursday, July 19 at 8pm

Exactly seventy one years ago this month, something crashed in the New Mexico Desert near the town of Roswell. It was an actual thing. It actually crashed. Beyond that fact, we mostly have stories which have mutated into the modern UFO mythos, with this fallen object at their foundation.

For this episode, we’ll unpack some of this epistemological tangle, and talk about how it relates to another incident that happened a little ways down the road from Roswell, exactly seventy three years ago this month — the Trinity test. Road trip slide show included. Might talk about Q. Might get silenced by DeepState. Who knows??

. . .

Hi. I’m Jason Brown.

For the last twenty years or so, I’ve been trying to understand the paranoid nature of memory technology from its ancient origins to its latest mutations, using the 1982 movie Tron as a mythopoetic scaffold to explain everything. This has gone… about as well as you might expect. But why stop now? Throughout this summer and (world permitting) beyond, I’ll be talking about the fallen nature of epistemology in our irreversibly mediated society. Woooo!