Book of Clouds

Dance, Music, Philosophy, Magic Lantern
Saturday March 18 at 8pm

Oneiric Geographies

omar bannerFrom Byss to Abyss and Back Again
Saturday, September 17, at 8pm

Capturing and Releasing the Vapors

A Pataphysical Symposium presented by the Multiversity
Saturday, November 16 at 8pm

sifr-cipher-zero : cyber-shamanizing

sifr-cipher-zerocybercyber-shamanistic audio-visual ritual
Monday, December 6 at 8:30pm

translating bodies into wormholes

post-identity in tha hizzah
an introduction to post-identity alchemy
Thursday, June 18, at 8pm

Architecture in the Dark

chaos, violence, and beauty

electro-acoustic freeform by an endless contortionist
Sunday, February 3 at 10pm