Oneiric Geographies


From Byss to Abyss and Back Again
Saturday, September 17, at 8pm

We recently received another email from Omar:


This is Omar Zubair.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve connected. How art thou?

I’ve organized a number of events at Betalevel over the years (usually in conjunction with a performance at Redcat) and it has always been an amazing experience (a cohort for one of the events just won the biggest off-broadway performance award in New York and has spent the last year touring the world with a show we developed — that started off as a section in an event at Betalevel).

…yada yada yada…

I’m in LA for a few weeks, and it just so happens that my 2 favorite contemporary writers are in town, too (one is French and the other is Indian). Shockingly, I may be the only person in the world with whom they share their writings, though: One of the writers is just emerging from a multi-year struggle with a disease that had left her wheelchair- and bed-bound; however, during that time, she started having the most vivid, mystical, and world-creating dreams (almost like Carl Jung’s Red Book but with a female’s perspective). The other has been waking up in the middle of the night with these fully-formed spontaneous prose-poems that all seem to describe the same world (though they aren’t really dreams).

I think it would be wonderful to organize a multi-media/performance-based evening using these two writers as a foundation.

What do you think?

We, of course, thought: YES.