translating bodies into wormholes

(ripe with access points)

An Introduction to Post-Identity Alchemy

Thursday June 18

Omar said:

The basic idea would be to show 3 short cinematic experiments that a Berkeley installation designer and I have collaborated on and in between have a series of performances/group experiments that would bleed into and out them. The in-betweens would possibly range from a UC Irvine neuroscience professor/collaborator friend of mine leading group demonstrations of extended mind theory (that mind is not something trapped in one’s head…that when one uses one’s fingers to count that that is a basic example of one extending mind out of it’s typical bounds) to a sonic improv using streaming internet radio as an instrument to having a performance roboticist who is doing video design with me with the Wooster Group show off some of his gadgets. Part of the intention is to experiment with how different enzymes catalyze toward access points into cinema. experimenting with conceptual/perceptual phase transitions occurring between theory and sensation.

So we said:

OMG. When??

Thursday, said Omar. Thursday June 18.

And that was that.