Capturing and Releasing the Vapors


A Pataphysical Symposium presented by the Multiversity
Saturday, November 16 at 8pm

So you remember Omar? Well Omar recently sent us an email:

A group of collaborators – three who live in LA, one from Stockholm, and myself – who have a particular interest in continued hermetic development through new media techniques and processes have been creating performance environments whenever we get together that catalyze toward bio-linking into temporary superorganisms…
One of the members of our group just got back from a two month funded expedition in northern Europe studying transatlantic insect migrations in order to help pinpoint the location of Atlantis, so mayhaps some of that sensibility would be present.

So we said: “Okey Dokey!”

It will be this Saturday. And it will be… like he says.



This Pataphysical Symposium may involve very dark environments, strobing lights, theatrical smoke, Atlantean enigmas, the conundrum of your place in the world as a being of thought and meat. Seating will be limited due to all the enigmas and the conundrums and whatnot, so you might need to stand. If you are susceptible to epilepsy, painful confusion, metastasizing irrationality, or sore feet, you should ask yourself if this is really a “good idea.” You should ask yourself how you got into a situation where these are now the kind of questions you’re asking yourself. You should review your life choices. Come up with a plan. Maybe finish that novel. Then should should forget all that noise and come down to Betalevel on Saturday. You should wear comfy shoes — you might need them. Or you might not!!!