Laura Steenberge / K.C.M. Walker / Carmina Escobar
Sunday, August 25
Let the doors be cast open at 7:30pm

A sonic ritual for voices and fabulous monster instruments played from the depths of the belly of Betalevel.

Laura Steenberge is a performer and composer in Santa Cruz who researches language, mythology, and ritual. She is interested in how nonsense connects us to the boundaries of knowledge, and is influenced by folk music,
psycholinguistics, acoustics and medieval Byzantine chant. She uses the voice, viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, tubes, tuning forks, paper, other things, images and movement.


K.C.M. Walker seeks to produce work exploring ritual in musical performance, the mysteries of sound, and the magic in objects, actions, and spaces. He improvises and practices traditional, medieval, and renaissance repertoire for the hurdy gurdy, bass, bass viol, lute, sarod, brass and woodwinds, hoping to discover their hidden voices through altered tuning practices, extended techniques, and long form improvisation.


Carmina Escobar is an experimental vocalist, performer, improviser, sound and intermedia artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses primarily on the voice, the body and their interrelations to physical, social and memory spaces.