Sub Quiz

Tuesday, May 29
Fun Times at 8pm, Quiz at 9pm sharp!

The idea of “pub quiz” is elegant in its simplicity:

  1. Put drunks and nerds in teams
  2. Ask them questions
  3. Offer meager rewards to the victors

It’s one of those rare concepts that requires very little alteration. Except that every time we play pub quiz, we always lose when it comes to sports, television (particularly reality television) and geography.

So! Betalevel hereby presents a Night of Trivia which is entirely free of sports and/or reality television questions, with very little geography! Come down with your nerdiest friends and take on other people’s nerdy friends in a battle for Supreme Basement Trivia Knowledge. Get ready for subterranean pub quiz! GET READY FOR SUB QUIZ!!!

Master of Quizognomy: Colin Dickey

Stumpers & Head-Scratchers!

Multiple Rounds!

Compete in teams!

Come up with a stupid-yet-cool team name!

Best your peers!

Win prizes of dubious worth!