Tron. The Real One.
Friday December 17 at 8:30pm

In 1982, the very concept of digital information as the foundation of our identity was some deeply subversive shit, so of course the movie that described our eventual fate was buried at the box office by E.T.

Fast-forward three decades and the kids who were in to Tron now have your identity stored on a thumb-drive. But all you have are a hacked Gizmodo account and some deeply confused feelings about Drew Barrymore.

This Friday night, you COULD wait in massive lines for your very own set of three-dee glasses to enhance your personal slice of pop electronica corporate blockbuster fun times. Or, you could come to a basement in Chinatown to try and figure out just what the hell happened. Because we will be watching the REAL Tron.

Possible themed drinks.

Possible bleepy-bloopy musical homage.

Possible realtime exegesis of gnostic techno-mythologies as they unfold on-screen.

Now listen here - I WROTE you.

This aggression will not stand, man