Sexy Night!

Talking Vaginas, Mitochondrial Penetration, and Semi-Erudite Castration

Vagina Megaphone!

Presentations by Emilie Garrigou-Kempton, Jason Brown & Colin Dickey
Saturday, November 6 at 8:30pm

The amazing Emilie Garrigou Kempton will discuss talking vaginas! Let’s say that again: Talking Vaginas! She asks us, “Why give vaginas a voice? What do they have to say and how do they say it?” In a talk ranging from medieval folk tales to 70’s porn, Emilie will talk vaginas and talking vaginas and it will be awesome.

And Jason Brown does the Endosymbiotic Cha-Cha! Pertinent Questions: “How does the Enslavement of the Mitochondira relate to YOUR subject position? What is a metaorganism? Can you fuck it?”

Additionally! Colin Dickey will discuss the history of castration in a semi-erudite fashion. References to include: Greek theogony, failed Catholic saints, singing lads and Russian cults. Hint: it’s a love story.