Three Happiness

Evening of Three Happiness: AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT. The event beyond your wildest dreams, never before, never again. Words can’t convey the majesty, the joy, the excitement, the utter bliss. If you miss this event, forget about heaven.

Ojos Que No Ven
by Allen D. Glass II
14 minutes, Color, Silent, 16mm
What the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel.

Dorothea Grossman and Michael Vlatkovich: Call and Response

Dorothea Grossman and Michael Vlatkovich present poetry and creative new music in a unique “call and response” format. The late Allen Ginsberg called Dorothea (Dottie) Grossman’s poetry, “clear, odd, personal, funny or wild-weird, curious and lucid.” The award-winning poet lives, works and writes in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in many poetry magazines and anthologies. Her book, “Cuttings: Selected Poetry 1978-1988” was published by Tango Press in 1996. “Poems From Cave 17” was published in 1996, and “Museum of Rain” was published by Take Out Publications in 2001. Her latest publication (1/08) is a chapbook, “The First Time I Ate Sushi,” published by Zerx Press.

“Grossman and Vlatkovich give us a free jazz session that inspires us and fires our imaginations. Our daily lives are filled with poetry in motion. We take it for granted. Recommended, Call And Response applies what’s on our minds to an outward form of communication that includes soulful improvisation.”

~ Jim Santella ,

The Sky Walks Me Home
by Allen D. Glass II
24 minutes, Color, Silent, 16mm
Humankind in the unfamiliar landscape, composing itself rhythmically and even lovingly into poetry. Nature as mammal music. The Life Dance. Foreign smells. And silences that are, of course, their own music.

Evangina – The Love Band
juli crockett and lisa dee are best friends, late bloomers, and totally goofy. they have made an artform out of humility via humiliation and take great joy in showing people that it’s okay to be completely retarded in public. they are best friends, not lesbian lovers. they are very romantic girls, love the d, and like to play their guitars and sing. they are in the band the evangenitals.