The Stuff of Your Nightmares

…a night you’ve always dreamed of

Home Office, with Rose Carr & Anastasia Denos
Sunday, September 22, 8pm

Descend into a plush underworld for a night of video, installation, and performance, featuring Home Office’s the stuff of your nightmares…a night you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a screening wrapped in a performance presented within the mixed media environment inside which the videos were made. Before/after, video and performance works by Rose Carr and Anastasia Denos.



Home Office, founded by Clara Gainer and Thea Cohen, creates immersive experiences by means of mixed media installation. These interdisciplinary works explore world-building with an emphasis on showing rather than telling. Home Office works collaboratively, utilizing various combinations of set and costume design, video, puppetry, and performance. These spaces, both physical and virtual, are derived from our collective imaginations and inspired by fantastical, natural, and human made environments.



Take a few steps to your left…
and climb through the portal to the place between things; where memories, moments, and feelings frolic freely with one another.

Rose Carr is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist specializing in Super 8mm film.



Sleeping Waltz
The dinner party put her to sleep so she slipped away. Who knows how long it’s been or when she will stop.

Anastasia Denos is a Los Angeles-based performance artist.