Kathryn Shuman, Magill/Shiroishi/Hatcher, yek koo

New work + sounds by Kathryn Shuman, Magill/Shiroishi/Hatcher, and yek koo

Shuman, Magill/Shiroishi/Hatcher, yek koo
Sunday, September 15th at 8pm

Gerrit Hatcher is a Chicago-based tenor saxophonist, improviser, and composer. He has a number of active projects including a solo saxophone practice and work in a number of improvising and free jazz groups in Chicago, such as the Gerrit Hatcher Group, for which he composes, the improvising trios Hatcher/Maunu/Kirshner and Devouring the Guilt, and his duos with Julian Kirshner, and with Zach Good. Here, he will be playing for the first time in a all saxophone trio with Rob Magill & Patrick Shiroishi.

Los Angeles based soprano, improviser and composer Kathryn Shuman performs regularly, as a soloist and an ensemble singer with many groups around the city and beyond. Most recently she performed solo roles in Meredith Monk’s opera, ATLAS at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Shuman’s improvisatory and vocal driven music has been performed at venues and festivals from California to Quebec, Canada. She will be performing a new work with Eliza Bagg, Catherine Brookman, Sharon Chohi Kim & B. Levinson for this show.

yek koo is the solo project of Los Angeles artist, composer, and performer Helga Fassonaki as she transverses the visual and poetic, through the exploration of space, body, voice, and movement. She can shake up a sound field with dissonance or fill it with cyclical sufi-poetic tones that subtly color her vocal palette. With yek koo, more so than her collaborations, she explores the body as a vehicle for the movement of sound, utilizing it as a filtering system that pushes sound through the responsive chambers of matter, air, and environment, creating experiences that can be both emotively charged and spatially transformative. Aside from her expressive free-form guitar, pocket trumpet, and vocal wailings in duo project Metal Rouge (with Andrew Scott), she’s also known to resound trails of invisible effects and echoes through cassette players and prepared tap shoes, some of which can be heard on Head, released on Drawing Room Records in 2017. Bridging her sound and ecological interests, Fassonaki is currently experimenting with binaural recordings of circular vocal chanting in various natural and geological sites and one-tone compositions in restricted spaces.
yek koo