Curved Light

Curved Light / Electric Sound Bath /
Dang Olsen Dream Tape / Cool Maritime

Tuesday, February 28

A night of strange/beautiful audio/visual electronics — visceral, psychedelic sound experiments, organic tones for spiritual departures, silken new age ambience, a natural selection of pure joy. Allow the midweek stress to melt into the waters of the ocean. Breathe in the air around you. Become part of your mind in the Modern New Age. Find yourself anew.


  • Curved Light (Austin, Holodeck Records) modular synth, electronics, video
  • Electric Sound Bath (LA, Fluere Tapes) bass, Nepalese singing bowl, modular synth, electronics, bells, found sounds
  • Dang Olsen Dream Tape (LA, Constellation Tatsu/Beer on the Rug) electronics
  • Cool Maritime (LA, Leaving Records) modular synth, electronics