Solo flute by Rachel Beetz
Sunday, October 25 at 7pm

Some people think Fall is all about “decorative gourds.” We pity them. Hey, Congratulations! You made the connection between squash and harvest! Super innovative! Digging deep in the seasonal symbolism there!

At Betalevel, we are lazy about many things, but not about our Autumnal indicators. And you know what really lies in that precious, ever-shrinking liminal zone between the burning hellscape of “beach weather” and the waking nightmare of eternal christmas music? WOODWINDS.

It’s flute time. Bring a sweater.

Beetz premieres six flute solos by area composers.

  • A Time That Is Also a Place – Scott Worthington
  • Echoes of Cassandra – Brian Griffeath-Loeb
  • invasive species – Kurt Isaacson
  • NCTRN 3 – Nicholas Deyoe
  • Pull The Name From My Tongue – Edward Hamel
  • Relay/Replay – Yiheng Yvonne Wu