Errata Salon


An Ongoing Nonfiction Reading Series

Elizabeth Harper & Jason Brown
Thursday, September 24th
Doors at 8pm, Talks at 8:30pm

  • Young et sa fille - 1804, Vafflard

    Elizabeth Harper

    Adored Cadaver

    There’s a persistent rumor in Madrid about a poet who dug up the corpse of his girlfriend one night. He left behind an unhinged poem outlining his thoughts in graphic detail. People say he’s the reason the cemetery was demolished. But people forget all the other poets who claimed the same crime and leave out the part about the monks who were ritualistically exhuming bodies in a secret room behind the royal crypt.

  • wait what was i doing?

    Jason Brown

    Book of Ether

    “Ether” could refer to the first modern surgical anesthetic, the realm of the gods, a hypothetical medium to explain how light propagates as a wave, a notable rap battle, or a prophet-historian credited with a key section of the Book of Mormon.

Errata Salon

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