Bollywood Night

Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050
Sunday, August 16
Doors at 7pm; movie starts at 7:30pm

Ambition is good. If you don’t think big, whatever successes you have will probably remain pretty small. Sometimes you have to shoot for the moon. Like, for instance, when we literally shot for the moon. And then we landed some folks on the moon. Big success.

But ambition can be tricky, right? Because sometimes you end up on the moon, yes, but sometimes you end up with a total disaster. Big stakes can also equal a big mess. Like this movie, Love Story 2050, for example. Filled with time travel and dancing robots and reincarnation and special effects and some sort of futuristic Teddy Ruxpin, there obviously was a vision — an ambitious vision. But it is, by all accounts, a big mess.

For this week’s Bollywood Night, we suspend our normal critical faculties and gaze upon the glory of this big mess. It may not be great — it may not even be good — but you cannot say it’s small.

Did we mention the talking pink bear thingy?


Bollywood Night will continue every other Sunday through August: