Errata Salon


An Ongoing Nonfiction Reading Series

Ben Wurgaft, Amina Cain & David Eng
Thursday, December 4th at 8pm

  • VanishingPoint

    David Eng

    Speed turns the point into a line!

    David Eng traces the lines of flight in 1971’s car chase cult classic Vanishing Point and takes Deleuze & Guattari along for the ride.

  • PaulDelvaux

    Amina Cain

    A More Natural Becoming

    Amina Cain on flawed books and the fictional dream.

  • Observatory

    Ben Wurgaft

    Space Jew: Walter Benjamin Among the Stars

    The constellations in the sky disclose no truths for us; they tell no compelling story about the point of it all. But once upon a time, they did, and the memory of their meanings might help us to tell new stories – at least, so thought the German-Jewish cultural critic Walter Benjamin. Benjamin never made it to Los Angeles, where so many of his friends from Weimar Germany took refuge during the Holocaust. But what if he had, in fact, escaped Europe, made the trip to Griffith Observatory and looked through its telescopes? What might he have seen?

Errata Salon

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