The Room, a Screening


The Room, a Screening
Friday, February 28
Cocktail Hour at 9pm | Screening at 10pm

Most movies are pretty bad. Many movies are so terrible they make you question how they came to be. But only a precious handful pass beyond mere binary judgement into a realm of pure abjection, making you question what it is you are even experiencing.

On this night, we watch The Room.

At its most basic level, The Room is a story of love and survival set countless millennia into a post-human dystopia. It takes place in the artificial consciousness of a prisoner’s mind, where a simulation plays a pathetic backdrop of San Francisco, but all the characters are all dimly aware that they are mere data on a chip, punished eternally for unremembered crimes.

SPOILER: That is not what The Room is.
( Or is it???? )