Experimental Music Series

Performances by Ted Byrnes, Michael Foster
WEDNESDAY, February 5th at 8pm

As you are well aware, Betalevel has banned live drums. And while we have not officially banned brass instruments, we hold them in skeptical regard, as demanded by our reverberant architecture.

So it is with a heady mixture of hubris and chagrin that we announce Wednesday’s drum and saxophone duet!

Ted Byrnes, holder of a rare Betalevel Drum Waver, is a renowned master of soothing stochasticity.

And visiting from NYC, Michael Foster, now the proud recipient of a Betalevel Brass Instrument Easement, has been known to play saxophone with a bow.

We are not sure what will happen. We think it will be kind of like a jazz combo. Except that it will not be IN ANY WAY like a jazz combo.

But we are certain that you’d like to hear it.

It will be Wednesday.