Passable Atlas

The Passage ride cumulative route map

Passable Atlas:
The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time
Friday, July 5th
Doors at 7:30pm; lecture at 8pm

For the last four years, local cyclists Sean Deyoe and Nathan Snider have led The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time, a weekly, Wednesday-night bike ride exploring far-flung areas of the city. Convinced that bicycle infrastructure encompasses much more than bike lanes and river paths, they climb hills, wander off-road, and venture underground to bring out the hidden and unexpected connections between otherwise disconnected places. The ride is known for its unique routes and ambitious conceptual themes, aiming to give participants a balance between seeing new things and seeing old things anew.

In conjunction with Passable Atlas, a showcase of maps, photos, and video from The Passage ride currently on view at Red#5 Yellow#7 gallery in East Hollywood, Snider and Deyoe will talk about cycling, the city, infrastructure, mapping, limits, constraints, disorientation, defamiliarization, and donuts.

Depending on attendance and enthusiasm, the talk may be followed by karaoke.

Passable Atlas closes July 6. Join the speakers that evening at Red#5 Yellow#7 for a closing party & special Passage ride.


Cyclists enter the void.