Wasp and Orchid presents DANCE OF DEATH


Sunday, April 14th
Doors at 8pm; movie at 8:30pm

APRIL is WOMAN WARRIOR MONTH featuring martial arts films with a female lead! Every Sunday at 8pm!

4/7: COME DRINK WITH ME (1966) starring Cheng Pei-pei.
4/14: DANCE OF DEATH aka ETERNAL CONFLICT (1976) starring Angela Mao.
4/21: WING CHUN (1994) starring Michelle Yeoh.
4/28: CHOCOLATE (2008) starring JeeJa Yanin.

Like many martial arts actors and actresses of her time Angela Mao was trained in Bejing opera before landing her first leading role at the age of 17 for the film The Angry River (1971). The director, Feng Huang, would continue to cast Angela Mao in several movies throughout the early 70’s such as Tie zhang xuan feng tui (Deep Thrust), Hei lu (Deadly China Doll), and perhaps most notably, alongside of Sammo Hung, in the film Hapkido: films for which she would earn the nicknames “Lady Whirlwind,” “Lady Kung Fu,” and “Mistress of the Death Blow.” She first became known internationally for her brief and tragic role as Bruce Lee’s sister in Enter The Dragon (1973), for which she was only paid $100).

Directed by Chi-Hwa Chen with the action choreographed by a very young Jackie Chan (whom you can see hard at work in the picture above), Dance of Death is full of comedic slapstick and outrageous kung fu styles. Rather than the more esteemed Hapikdo (which really only features her in about 8 total minutes of combat!), Wasp & Orchid chose this film based on its relentless action sequences which highlight the range of Angela’s incredible dexterity and skills.

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