Wasp and Orchid presents THE RAID: REDEMPTION


1 Ruthless Crime Lord, 20 Elite Cops, 30 Floors of Chaos!

Sunday, March 31st
Doors at 8pm; movie at 8:30pm

Hello! David Eng, curator of the Wasp & Orchid Martial Arts Choreography Film Series here. I was recently having dim sum with my father, the man who introduced me to martial arts movies before I even knew how to walk, and he excitedly asked me if I had seen this film called “The Raid: Redemption” yet. “It’s absolutely BRUTAL, son!” he exclaimed in between bites of shrimp dumplings. Because my dad has impeccable taste when it comes to extreme action cinema, I immediately went home to watch it. This was my reaction throughout:

Now it’s a rare occasion for me these days to actually cringe during fight sequences but this film had me flinching and uttering an empathetic ouch with increasing frequency. Action choreographed by the director Gareth Evans as well as two of the lead actors Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, this movie showcases pencak silat, a unifying term for various ancient Indonesian fighting styles.

So after you’re finished celebrating the resurrection of Christ by stuffing your face with multi-colored marshmallow chicks come on down to Chinatown for a bone-crunching, knife-stabbing, skull-shattering and face-breaking good time!

Peep the trailer here:

The Wasp & Orchid Martial Arts Choreography Film Series explores martial arts choreography in its most innovative and inspirational forms. Each screening highlights a particular martial arts style, action coordinator, or individual actor and actress, featuring cinema from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and beyond.

APRIL is WOMAN WARRIOR MONTH featuring films with a female lead! Every Sunday at 8pm!

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