Jacob Kirkegaard and GNARWHALLABY

Jacob Kirkegaard (anechoic chamber)

Acoustic phenomena, Danish artist, LA ensemble
Friday, March 22th at 8pm

Works by Jacob Kirkegaard interpreted with classical instruments by LA ensemble GNARWHALLABY

based on ambient recordings of an abandoned church inside the radioactive zone in Chernobyl.

a canon of otoacoustic tones generated by the artist’s own ears.


jk - ear

Jacob Kirkegaard

a Danish artist focusing on scientific & aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound & hearing. His installations, compositions & performances deal with acoustic spaces or phenomena that usually remain imperceptible.


gnarlwhallaby - square


Matt Barbier – trombones
Brian Walsh – clarinets and reeds
Derek Stein – violoncello
Richard Valitutto – piano, keyboards, percussion
Jodie Landau – special guest on percussion