Errata Salon

Company Time!

An Ongoing Nonfiction Reading Series

This Month: On Company Time
Liz Hansen, Robby Herbst, Evan Kindley
Thursday, March 14 at 8:00pm


Liz Hansen

“Tembagapura in My Mind”

Liz Hansen talks about a return to her birthplace in West Papua, Indonesia, wherein we find the world’s largest goldmine, an oppressed indigenous people, and absolutely no journalists or human rights workers…



Robby Herbst

“The Ceremony of Us”

In 1969 at the temple of LA’s performance culture- a dance between the races occured: Ceremony Of Us was a meeting between blacks of Watts, hippies of San Francisco and the rest of Los Angeles.



Evan Kindley

“Company Freaks”

Evan Kindley will talk about the confluence of satire and advertising at mid-century, with special attention to the work of Stan Freberg and the Calvin Communications Company.


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