Errata Salon

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An Ongoing Nonfiction Reading Series

This Month: AH! L’AMOUR
Amina Cain, David Eng, Emily Lacy
Thursday, February 14 at 8:00pm


Amina Cain

“The Continuum of Friendship”

Amina Cain will look at the great expanse of acquaintanceship and attachment.

Man marries cushion

David Eng

“Inanimate Matrimony”

David Eng will discuss Objectum-Sexuality & individuals who have fallen in love with objects.


Emily Lacy

“Songs of Heartbreak”

Emily Lacy will sing songs of heartbreak.

Dont DE-BAIT!!! lol.

Heather and Jason:

The Bickerin’ Bartenders

Oh yeah, we’ll make you a drink.

Errata Salon

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