The Signal Archive

Screening and Archiving Station
Saturday, May 12

The Signal Archive is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of the immaterial residues of our everyday devices.

This ongoing archive defines the backbone of our techno culture. May it be discovered one day and utilized as historical reference, research, or affection development with electronic devices. This event will include 13 screenings from the Archive and the Archiving Station for visitors to have their device recorded.

The archive frames the development and history of Morse Code as a point of reference. A point in time when our modes of communication were at the early stages of mediation. The electrical telegraph, the mediator of the time, was a device to communicate the spoken word through a codified system of dots and dashes. The electrical telegraph and its intrinsic physical properties and technology, coupled with this codified system, quickly transformed into a sound object as it became evident that listening to the device was just as effective than reading the dots and dashes. This compelled the research and collection of the intrinsic sonic qualities of our contemporary communication devices: the mobile device.