Wasp & Orchid presents IP MAN 2

Thursday, September 29th
Doors at 8pm; movie at 8:30pm

Thursday wraps up this month’s installment of the Wasp & Orchid Martial Arts Film Series. We started off with Ip Man and we shall conclude with Ip Man 2 (if you have yet to see the first one, it’s streaming on netflix).

One wouldn’t think the combat sequences could have become any more elaborate, but, indeed, that is the case with this sequel (just peep the snippets from the trailer below!) The film follows Ip man to Hong Kong, where he attempts to start anew by opening a Wing Chun school. But first he has to earn the respect of all the local martial arts masters, which, as you can imagine, is no problem for Ip Man! But he has an even bigger foe to contend with: British colonialism (as pictured above). Action choreographed by and starring Sammo Hung in a role reminiscent of Apollo Creed (I shall say no more).

Check it out!