Wasp & Orchid presents KUNG FU HUSTLE

Tuesday, September 13th
Doors at 8pm; movie at 8:30pm

The inaugural movie for the Wasp & Orchid Martial Arts Choreography film series started waaaaay back in 2005 was Shaolin Soccer by Stephen Chow (which a younger, superlative self described as “the hottest, fastest, most mind-boggling sports / martial arts action flick you will ever see. EVER.”)

On Tuesday at 8pm, six intermittent years later, we will be screening Chow’s subsequent film as both director and star: Kung Fu Hustle. What to say about Kung Fu Hustle, as it is so many things? A highly-referential burlesque comedy. An edifying drama about redemption through unlocking one’s inner power. A sweet and heartfelt story of the love between a boy and a girl who rediscover their lifelong bond.

But those aren’t the primary concerns of the Wasp & Orchid Martial Arts Choreography Film Series.

While extravagant in many ways, Kung Fu Hustle shows some serious love for the fight scenes. Elaborately composed from a combination of totally over-the-top choreography, cartoonish slap-stick, wirework, editing and CGI, the movie also casts the talents of veteran Hong Kong action stars who were highly influential in Stephen Chow’s work. Although initially choreographed by the legendary Sammo Hung, Chow eventually brought in the incomparable skills of the Absolute Master himself: Yuen Wo-Ping (Iron Monkey, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Matrix, Kill Bill et al). Two-thirds of the total filming time was spent on shooting the combat sequences alone. We think that pretty much says everything.

Peep the trailer: