Bollywood Night

gulaal triptych

Thursday, August 18
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

This week’s film is rather simple: a naive young man goes to law school and falls in with a bad crowd… who turn out to be militant nationalist separatists that want to discard democracy and return power to the royal bloodline. Other than that, this film doesn’t have much. Besides a love triangle. Or two. Maybe more of a love hexagon? And then there is the separatist leader’s brother, who idolizes John Lennon and sings only the truth. And the tabla player, an Ardhanarishvara figure (Google it!) in stark red and blue (or is that red, white, and blue?). Oh, yeah, and the many references to American politics and foreign policy. And the reference to Batman. Or maybe it is not supposed to be a reference to Batman, but it kind of is a reference to Batman anyway. Okay, the movie has a lot going on in it; Bollywood likes to give you your money’s worth. And this screening is free — and we’ll probably have snacks — so you are totally making out like a bandit.