Three Points of Support

Electroacoustic Music with Multi-Output Diffusion!


(We're pretty sure it's going to feel like this when you're in the audience)

Joseph Clayton Mills / Adam Sonderberg / Catherine Lamb
THURSDAY, April 28rd
8:30pm (doors at 8:00)

Catherine Lamb
solo viola and oscillators

Joseph Clayton Mills / Adam Sonderberg / Catherine Lamb
trio for oscillators, repurposed electronics, resonating percussion, and sound files

Joseph Clayton Mills and Adam Sonderberg are 2/3 of the Chicago-based trio Haptic (w/ Steven Hess), a texture-centric performing and recording entity that combines a rigorous attention to sonic detail with restless experimentalism.

For tonight’s performance they are joined by LA-based composer and violist Catherine Lamb. The trio will create a long-form electro-acoustic work utilizing multi-output diffusion.

The evening will commence with a solo work, performed by Lamb, for viola and oscillators.

This event will include Multi-Output Diffusion! Symptoms may include: standing brainwaves, drone temples, trance face, or dreamboat foot. Please use Multi-Output Diffusion responsibly.

“A body needs at least three points of support, not in a straight line, to fix its position,
so Roithamer had written.”
– Thomas Bernhard, from Correction

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