Paranoid Bike Ride

Battle of Los Angeles

A Passage Through a Few Obscure Loci around Downtown Los Angeles
Saturday, April 9 at 3:00pm

Join Betalevel members Jason Brown and Sean Deyoe for a bike ride in and around downtown Los Angeles as we explore sites related to lizard tunnels, alien contactees, and various cybernetic nodes.

The route is approximately 12 miles and intended for riders of all skill levels. Please bring a bike in good working order. We expect it be a three hour tour. A three hour tour. Unless the weather starts getting rough, and the tiny tour is tossed. In which case, we may end up trapped together on an island outside of time. Please prepare yourself accordingly.

Ride begins at Chungking Plaza, also known as “West Plaza”, which has the little pond in front of Foo Chow. If you are in front of the fountain where you toss coins to wish for a vacation, you are in the wrong plaza.

This ride is part of Atlas Obscura’s Obscura Day 2011!