SATURDAY, February 5th

Whassup peoples. This is Dave, aka The Hapacalypse, the erratic right arm or restless left leg of the super-mega Voltron-esque esoteric Order known as Betalevel. Or you can think of me as the yellow Power Ranger. You may have had occasion to witness what I do best down at our little basement space: rapping Dr. Dre’s verses during our Swap Meet MIDI-karaoke version of “California Love,” blindly stumbling around muttering about where I misplaced my energy drink, or smoking in the alley.

Anyhow, this Saturday marks another milestone along my relentless drift toward being “old as fuck.” This weekend also contains the birthday of two other notorious figures you may have heard of: Bob Marley and William S. Burroughs. So I would like to invite you all to come and celebrate accordingly! There will be drinkin’ & smokin’ & dancin’ & singin’ & all kinds of madcap revelry in the face of inevitable oblivion. This is an open invite kind of affair, so feel free to bring your crew, your clique, your significant and/or insignificant others. But please, no gifts: the only presents I want is your presence. See what kind of precious shit I just pulled off there? How can you refuse?

Like Boss Hogg on candy,