Improvisational Electronic Music Extravaganza!
Monday September 6

Swiss electronic musicians Norbert Möslang, Jason Kahn, and Gunter Müller join local artists Mark Trayle, Scott Cazan, and Casey Anderson for a rare night of genre-defying improvisation.

Möslang, Kahn, and Müller, playing together as MKM, wield a sound palette that hovers between the harsh rhythmic noise of Norbert Möslang’s cracked everyday electronics and the rich sonorities of Günter Müller’s percussion-based samples and electronics. Jason Kahn’s work on analog synthesizer bridges both worlds, adding high frequency interference and processed piezo microphone and short wave radio input to the trio. MKM’s set is sure to be a sight to see, a rare opportunity to revel in three of electronic music’s most distinctive voices.

Scott Cazan kicks things off with a solo set of feedback and digital electronics.

Up next is an improvised duo between Casey Anderson (laptop, radio, amplified metal) and Jason Kahn (analog synthesizer, piezo microphone, and short wave radio), improvising together for the first time.

After MKM’s set, Mark Trayle and Anderson join MKM for a large ensemble conclusionnot to be missed!

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