sonic hug

Saturday, June 19th at 8:30pm (Doors open at 8)

Featuring sets by OK Music, Zotalayer & Sublamp

OK Music: is a Los Angeles based band, made up by Yvette Holzwarth (voice/violin), Dan Corral (drums, synth), and Ryan Tanaka (keyboard). The group evokes moods and narratives through “themed” improvisations, using simple ideas and concepts as its departure point for musical inspiration. “OK” is a colloquial English word denoting approval, assent, or acknowledgment. Performances include elements of audience participation, where the listener may be able to suggest themes for the band to use as part of their improvisations.

Zotalayer: [Ssssssss!] Luthor: What are you doing! Superman: Melting your infernal machine into a puddle with my heat vision! Luthor: HAHAHA! But it’s too late, you caped fool! The damage has already been done! Superman: What was it, Luthor? The ionosphere? The ozone layer? Luthor: No no no no. It was something not even you have heard of, Superman. The ZOTA layer! But you’ll never see it for yourself. My machine has destroyed it. Superman: You! Deluded! Maniac! Luthor: But don’t be alarmed. No one on Earth will be harmed, at least not directly. The only person who was protected by the zota layer was YOU! Superman: You’ve got exactly three seconds to start making sense. Luthor: There’s a peculiar type of radiation out there that not even you are immune to, Superman. It effects your mind whenever you relax or go to sleep. Turns you into a wild man and makes you go absolutely berserk! Superman: Great Scott! The destruction tonight in Metroplolis… Luthor: That’s right, old foe, it was you! And with the zota layer gone, you can bet it will be happening a lot more often. [Punch!] Luthor: Ooof! [Woosh!]

Sublamp: Los Angeles based artist Ryan Connor uses a synesthetic blend of audio and video textures to explore pre-language emotional experience, an anti-symbolic direct sensory experience influenced by the closed-eye vision work of Stan Brakhage.

The RESONANCE music series is a forum for musicians, listeners and scholars to share, discuss, and collaborate on singular ideas in sound. Alongside lectures and audio installations, the series will focus on providing a showcase for experimental projects and offer an opportunity for composers to develop conceptual pieces or works-in-progress within a live, intimate setting. By bringing together diverse artists exploring various frontiers—from improvisational classical ensembles and avant-garde vocal virtuosos to unique instrument artisans and machine-manipulating noise technicians—RESONANCE encourages a deterritorialization among these practices, in pursuit of possible openings onto something otherwise, unintended and new.

If you would like to be considered for future events: please send details of your work and/or samples of your project to