5th of St. Robot


Betalevel 5th Anniversary! Robot Fighting! Dragon Slaying! Various Festivities!
Saturday May 15
8pm, games begin at 9



There will be Dragon.
Most likely, you will get to attack it. It may not be mighty in size, but it will be mighty in Presence.

There will be Robot Wars.
Or rather, wind-up toy wars. Which are a kind of robot, right? I mean, right? Wind-up toys are pretty small… But we have a lot of them!

There will be Festivities.
We’ll commemorate Five Years of Betalevel, and the nearly ten years that we’ve used our exquisite basement redoubt as studio, clubhouse, stage, and screen. We probably commemorate all this in various time-honored ways. You know the kind.

shit just got real, yo.
Farm Animals F! T! W!

shit just got REAL