Bollywood Night


Chup Chup Ke
Thursday, December 3
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

A small-town hustler who is constantly dodging creditors and being told off by his family is forced to commit suicide in shame so his family can claim his life insurance and repay debts. But he fakes his death and two bumbling fishermen find him entangled in their nets. They mistake him for a wealthy businessman and hatch a scheme to extend his services to a money lender in exchange for the money they owe. The madcap hijinks really ensue when the reality that he is a pauper finally dawns on them all.

And a love story, natch.

Betalevel movie night:
1st Thursdays – Bollywood Night
2nd Thursdays – Zombie Night
3rd Thursdays – Keanu Night
4th Thursdays – Weimar Night
5th Thursdays – Miscellaneous Night