Bollywood Night


Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki
Thursday, November 5
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

After the death of his father, the care of Prince Satish is entrusted to the evil and greedy Uday Bhan Singh. Singh, being greedy (and evil), plots to keep Satish from ever enjoying the fortune that is his birthright. Through an upbringing of systematic terror, Satish’s mental and emotional development is severely stunted. Not one to hedge his bets, Singh also frames the prince for besmirching a young girl’s honor. With his reputation thus tarnished, now no one respectable will want to marry their daughter off to Satish. And, without an heir, the fortune will pass to Singh’s own son.

However, while on vacation with his maidservant, Satish meets Aarti, a small town girl, and the two are paired for marriage. Unbeknownst to him, Aarti is part of a plot with her uncle to rob him. On their wedding night, she is supposed to run off with the jewelry that she will be given to wear. But, before she can make off with the goods, Satish’s childlike virtue wins her heart and she cannot bring herself to steal from him. Facing the wrath of her uncle for being unwilling to follow through on their plan, Satish is forced to defend her. His display of bravery scares Singh, who fears the prince might eventually take a stand against him as well. His own plan has been foiled by their marriage anyway, so Singh finds he has no choice but to kill Satish. Aarti vows to raise their son — for, yes, she is pregnant — to avenge his father’s death….

And that is just the first twenty minutes.

The other two hours of the film follows her, her son, and her son’s disco girlfriend’s elaborate revenge plot against the evil and greedy Singh.

(We did mention that this was an early 80s “disco” film, right? With not just a rip off of Billie Jean but also a near shot-for-shot, ahem, homage to the Thriller video. Yeah, it is.)

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