Zombie Night

We are going to eat you

Zombi 2
Thursday, September 10
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

This can be a bit confusing. The film is called Zombi 2 in Italian, although there is no prequel. (It was named as such to cash in on the notoriety of George Romero’s original Dawn of the Dead, which was called Zombi when released in Italy.) The American release was called Zombie or sometimes Zombie Flesh Eaters. The tagline is, simply, “We are going to eat you!”

The film was released in 1979 and rocketed the career of Lucio Fulci as a horror director. As with most zombie films, it really speaks for itself. The only thing that keeps popping into our heads as a description is:

In this film, a zombie does battle with a LIVE SHARK.

What more do you need to know?

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