Bollywood Night

Dramatic Embrace

Thursday, September 3
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

Anyone who has been paying attention to our selections for both last year’s Summer Bollywood Series as well as the recently-started Bollywood Night will notice one particular actor has been getting a lot of play. Shahrukh Khan is box office gold in India and, with his easy-going charm, superior dancing skills, and ability to play both comedy and romance with equal dexterity, it is not hard to see why. They can’t get enough of him and neither can we. Simply put: we love him. So, it is a bit distressing to see that our fellow countrymen in Chicago apparently do not. Or maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Maybe the airport personnel were just starstruck? Maybe they simply couldn’t pass up a chance to get a little handsy with the Indian superstar?

Whatever the case, this month we feature another SRK classic. Veer-Zaara is the story of an Indian man and a Pakistani woman (played by Preity Zinta, one of our favorite Indian actresses) who fall in love despite the historic conflict between their two countries. But, while they could transcend nationalism, they can’t escape fate. The bond between them is broken and they remain separated for twenty years — until an ambitious young lawyer steps in and tries to correct an epic injustice, an injustice against law and an injustice against love.

Warning: this film is heavy. Bring an extra hanky.

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