Fifth Thursday Movie Miscellany

Lou in space

Thursday, July 30
Doors at 8pm; film starts at 8:30pm

“When I was a kid, I used to watch the Hercules movies over and over and over. My father would come into my room at two in the morning and I would be watching Steve Reeves on the television and he would scream at me, ‘All you do is watch Hercules! Why don’t you get an education, Louie? You’re just wasting your time with that stuff.’ So you can imagine, what I felt like when I got a phone call from the people at Cannon Films asking me if I wanted to star in a remake of Hercules! It was like a bolt of lightning out of the sky. I signed the contract five days later.

“I have to tell you, it wasn’t hard to talk me into the role. Playing Hercules means more to me than playing the Hulk. Honestly, it means more to me than winning the Mr. Olympia contest. Hercules is my all-time fantasy hero. He is the most famous strongman-hero in history. For a bodybuilder, Hercules is the ultimate.

“This will be an entirely new story, not the original myth. Hercules is a messenger from Zeus, his father. Zeus brings him back to life and sends him on a mission to earth, to save a city that is being attacked by another city and threatened with destruction. Just like in the Reeves movies, Hercules will be highly intelligent as well as tremendously strong.”

— Lou Ferrigno, Muscle & Fitness, September 1982

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