Keanu Night


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Thursday, July 16
Doors at 8pm; program starts at 8:30pm

It’s a story of action and adventure, of love and loss, of an epic journey through time, of short French dudes, and, ultimately, of redemption and triumph and most excellence. And, seriously, when was the last time you saw it?

Since it’s relatively short, the movie will be preceded by a few gems from the Keanu vault.

What is the deal with this movie night thing anyway?
– The first Thursday of each month will be Bollywood Night, on which we will show, yes, Bollywood films.
– The second Thursday is Zombie Night, on which we will preview the upcoming zombie apocalypse.
– The third Thursday of each month is Keanu Night, showcasing the best work of one of our best actors, Mr. Keanu Reeves.
– Every fourth Thursday will be Miscellaneous Night, on which we’ll show random Betalevel-appropriate films (i.e. the paranoid, the prophetic, the perplexing, and/or other adjectives that may or may not begin with the letter P).
– And, finally, every time a month has a fifth Thursday, that will be Local Night, on which we’ll show films by local filmmakers. Or maybe just people we know or like, regardless of whether they are local or not. As always, we reserve the right to be fickle, enigmatic, and difficult.

Joan of Wiedlin