Bollywood Night

rab ne image

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Thursday, July 2
Doors at 8pm; movie starts at 8:30pm

Thank ze lord all that “June gloom” stuff seems to finally be over. Because, really, what is the point of having a subterranean redoubt if there is no oppressive heat outside from which you can use it to escape? Well, oppressive heat we now have, so it seems like the perfect time to start our new weekly film series…

It’s like this:
– The first Thursday of each month will be Bollywood Night, on which we will show, yes, Bollywood films.
– The second Thursday is Zombie Night, on which we will preview the upcoming zombie apocalypse.
– The third Thursday of each month is Keanu Night, showcasing the best work of one of America’s best actors, Mr. Keanu Reeves.
– Every fourth Thursday will be Miscellaneous Night, on which we’ll show random Betalevel-appropriate films (i.e. the paranoid, the prophetic, the perplexing, and/or other adjectives that may or may not begin with the letter P).
– And, finally, every time a month has a fifth Thursday, that will be Local Night, on which we’ll show films by local filmmakers. Or maybe just people we know, regardless of whether they are local or not. The point being that it will be truly independent filmmaking rather than stuff made by some Hollywood fancypants or the like.

This week:
This Thursday being the first one of July, we start with Bollywood. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi tells the story of mild-mannered office worker Suri (played by Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan) who must win the heart of his vivacious young bride Taani by learning how to become a cool dude. Never mind why they married in the first place or why she can’t see that Suri and his hip alter ego, Raj, are the same person, by the time the film is over they will have sung and danced their way into your heart — and made June gloom seem so totally last month.

* Note: Some snacks and beverages will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own.