Say what?

Saturday, April 18th at 10pm (Doors open at 9)

Featuring the music of Lewis Keller and Ryan Tanaka

Applying friction to various types of metal, Lewis Keller’s “Shimmer” explores an immersive sound world of transformation. Via close mic’ing, computer processing and 4 channel diffusion “Shimmer” ranges from subtle, barely audible tissues of sound to tumultuous, dense layers of rich vibrations. Cymbals, gongs, singing bowls, bells and metal pots both struck and bowed are transformed into melodies, drones, rhythms and alien ambiences.

Los Angeles based artist Lewis Keller manipulates frequency, timbre and amplitude via performance, installation, fabrication and digital media. His work combines sophisticated technology with crude humble structures, inviting listeners to question their relationships with time, technology, space, sound and silence. He received his BA from Colorado College and his MFA from CalArts. Lewis Keller website

Ryan Tanaka will be performing a 30-40 minute keyboard improvisation, drawing influences from classical, jazz, and minimalist styles. The performance will be done in one continuous segment, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as fires, earthquakes, plagues, etc.

The theme for Saturday’s improvisation will be “Ryan is playing the keyboard for about 30-40 minutes.” Hopefully there will be no irony or sarcasm involved during the entire process. If you’re looking for that kind of stuff, check out his compositions at

The RESONANCE music series is a forum for musicians, listeners and scholars to share, discuss, and collaborate on singular ideas in sound. Alongside lectures and audio installations, the series will focus on providing a showcase for experimental projects and offer an opportunity for composers to develop conceptual pieces or works-in-progress within a live, intimate setting. By bringing together diverse artists exploring various frontiers—from improvisational classical ensembles and avant-garde vocal virtuosos to unique instrument artisans and machine-manipulating noise technicians—RESONANCE encourages a deterritorialization among these practices, in pursuit of possible openings onto something otherwise, unintended and new.

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